Take an adventure to the northernmost tip of wild New Hampshire.  Enjoy pristine wilderness on Pittsburg's 5 lakes, countless backwoods ponds, miles of beautiful trout waters, and hundreds of thousands of acres of forest.

Pittsburg, New Hampshire "is" wild New Hampshire.

The Outta Bucks and No Doe cabin is available only 5 weeks each year.  Located in Champion Circle in the Moose Alley section of Pittsburg, this camp puts you in the middle of hundreds of thousands of acres of wilderness.  Yet, the cabin is located only 500 feet from 2nd Connecticut Lake.  Whether you are looking for a fishing adventure, a Partridge hunting experience, or simply want to enjoy hiking or kayaking Pittsburg's wild areas, the cabin is your base camp.  And be sure to venture out about 3 hours after dark for an unbelievable ride down Route 3 to see moose, deer and fox like you simply can't believe.

The peace and quiet around the cabin is simply awesome.  The quietness that surrounds the cabin is certainly a welcome escape from the noise of everyday life.  If you are an amateur astronomer, be sure to bring your scope with you.  The skies are dark and the stars are bright.  While the night sky views from camp are good, the views from the launch ramp at 2nd Connecticut, a few minutes walk from the camp, are phenomenal.

If trolling from a boat is your technique, the Outta Bucks and No Doe cabin is located on 2nd Connecticut Lake.  You can wake up and be fishing 2nd Connecticut Lake in minutes from the cabin.  Salmon, Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout are all within reach on the lake.  Additionally, you are minutes from launching into any of Pittsburg's 5 major lakes.  Mid-week you will often have the entire lake to yourself.

If flyfishing is your method, the inter-rivers that connect the 3 Connecticut Lakes are loaded with trout, and Salmon run the rivers during the spring Salmon run.  Mid week you will feel so remote that you may think you are fishing the back rivers of Alaska.

The backwoods bogs and streams throughout Pittsburg offer years of locations to explore and some of the best coldwater, flyfishing-only waters in the northeast.

Wonderful ruffed grouse hunting (partridge for us locals) surrounds the cabin with hundreds of miles of logging roads to explore and hunt.  Hunting dog + Pittsburg = Partridge.  The birds are so plentiful that they are often seen walking down route 3.

Bring your favorite over-under, side-by-side, or semi auto...bring a couple of dogs to cover the miles and miles of logging roads and acre after acre of awesome grouse habitat....and get ready for some real fun hunting opportunities.

Hiking / Kayaking
The hundreds of miles of logging roads and trails offer years worth of hiking opportunities.  The cabin is located just minutes from the road that takes you to the base of Magalloway Mountain.  A trek up to the look-out tower will challenge any hiker.  The views at the tops of Pittsburg's hills and mountains are some of the best in the northeast.

If you love to kayak, the inter-rivers offer some real fun moving-water action and a morning trip on Pittsburg's lakes is absolutely breathtaking.  Launching at East Inlet and traveling down the river between 3rd Lake and 2nd Lake, then kayaking to the cabin is a great way to spend 4 hours.  If you like to fish while kayaking, be sure to bring your fishing rod as the odds of landing a monster on your trip are high.

Setting up a telescope at dark on the launch ramp of Second Connecticut Lake gets an amateur astronomer's heart pumping.  Viewing the stars in Pittsburg is a very memorable event.  The ability to see Messier objects is incredible due to Pittsburg's ultra dark skies and the panoramic views afforded by the open area of the launch ramp at 2nd Connecticut Lake.

Rates and Availability

The Outta Bucks and No Doe cabin rents from Sunday morning through Saturday morning.  This gives you the entire week to explore Pittsburg's wild wonders.  Mid week in Pittsburg is remote and peaceful.  You get 6 nights / 5 full days / 2 half days to enjoy a memorable trip to New Hampshire's northern most town and most remote area.

The Outta Bucks and No Doe cabin is available only 5 weeks each year.  Spring availability for fishing, hiking or kayaking is the first 3 full weeks of May.

Fall brings grouse hunting in October.  The cabin is available the first two full weeks of October for grouse hunting.

The cabin is perhaps Pittsburg's most affordable way to enjoy the great north woods.  The cabin rents for $500 per week for 4 people, and $75 per person per week above 4 people.

Contact us at (603) 591-3559 or mikee@nesportsman.com for availability and to book a week at the cabin.  We require a $250 deposit upon booking (via check), $250 balance the day you arrive, and a refundable $250 security deposit.