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Our menus use Java Applets and Java Scripting.  Both of these need to be enabled in your browser in order to view our site correctly.

Try these 3 steps first

  1. First make sure you have upgraded to at least Internet Explorer Version 5.00
  2. Press and hold down the Control Key <Ctrl> on your keyboard.  While holding down the Control Key, use your mouse to click the Refresh button at the top of Internet Explorer on your screen.
  3. If that doesn't work, press and hold the Control Key again.  While holding the Control Key, press and hold the F5 key.  Then use your mouse to click the Refresh button in Internet Explorer.

If the above steps do not allow you to see our left-hand menus, try the following steps.

Using the menus at the top of your browser, perform the following steps

  1. <Tools> <Internet Options> <Advanced> click the <Restore Defaults> button; then click the <OK> button
  2. Try our page again by hitting the <Refresh> button in your browser
  3. If the menus still do not show up, follow steps 5 and 6
  4. <Tools> <Internet Options> <Security> click the <Custom Level> button;
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  6. Scroll to "Scripting"; make sure that "Scripting" is enabled by clicking the round button next to "Enable" next to "Active Scripting", "Allow to paste operations via script", and "Scripting of Java Applets" (ALL 3 NEED TO BE ENABLED)

For Windows XP do the following:

If the first 3 steps at the top of this page do not work, and you are running WinXP, do the following:

NOTE: This only applies to IE6.0 and Not earlier version.
If you have earlier version of IE (IE5, IE5.5), you'll need to download the Java Run Time software from Sun Micro Systems.
I could only get the menus to appear with JRE 1.3.0 on other Windows operating systems. Newer version of JRE's gave me problems.

Going into your IE6.0 options.
1.) Select Security Tab.
2.) Select Internet
3.) Click Custom Level
3.) Scroll down and highlight Microsoft VM /Java Permissions
4.) Select Custom
5.) Click "Java Custom Settings" button.
5.) Click "Edit Permissions" Tab.
6.) Under: Unsigned Content
7.) Select "Enable".
I then changed the settings to "Run in Sandbox"

You may want to also do this:
Scroll to Signed Content:
Under Run Signed Content change it to Prompt.

Click "OK", Click "OK" again, Click 'yes' on the warning message. then click "OK" to close the IE OPIONS dialog box.

You'll have to either refresh the web page or close IE and re-open it.

If your browser still does not render our left hand menus at this point, please contact .

You may have a problem with the MS Java Virtual Machine application on your hard-drive.   You can download the Sun version of this application and it should fix the problem ( Download Sun JavaVM ).  Read this article to learn more about why the problem you are encountering is a MicroSoft problem and not a programming problem on our site MSJVM Upgrade Problems .

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