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New England Sportsman
Bragging Board Submission

Show and tell everyone about the big ones that didn't get away by filling out this form:

NOTE: We can't take photos from Facebook, Myspace, Photobucket, or other web locations. Please email us your photo so we can put it on the bragging board using the link below.

Your name


A short caption of photo

A comment to describe your photo

The URL or name of your photo

(Leave this line as is if you are emailing us the picture)
(We will copy your images file to our server after review)

If you don't have your image on a server, you can  email it to us with the subject line of Bragging Board.

Important -  please still complete this form even if you email you email the photo to us.

We update the board once or twice a month, so please be patient to see your posts. 

Important: If you don't put the words Bragging Board in the subject of your email it will not get posted as we receive tons of spam and filter our received email. Please include a caption in the email that we can match the photo to. You can include links to the photos. We will copy them to our local server if they are only temporary like snapfish or other on-line services. 

Thanks for contributing!

New England Sportsman Network
PO Box 954
Kingston, NH 03848

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