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New England Sportsman Network has a lot of information..and we mean A LOT.  Be sure to check out the menus on the left to start your experience.  If you have any questions, use the Contact Us link on the left-hand menu to ask us for help.
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Pittsburg New Hampshire Cabin Rental - Rent a Pittsburg cabin for salmon fishing this spring!  An affordable vacation during tough economic times.

Calendar - Looking for Sportsmen Shows? Tournaments? 3D bow shoot?

New England Sportsman Lake Depth Maps - Printable maps for many of New England's Lakes and Ponds

Topo Maps - Straight from the experts at the US Geological Service.

Fishing & Hunting Guides - A new service that is sure to grow

NES Big Game Fishing Articles - Something a little different and larger!

Crazy Fish Stories
- Read some unbelievable, and always funny, stories submitted by viewers of New England Sportsman.

Crazy Hunting Stories! - Do you have a entertaining story from the woods? Submit yours and read other outdoorsmen's stories here.

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This site changes each day.  The following items are areas of the site that you will want to follow daily to remain up to date on the outdoor scene in New England:

And don't forget to use the search functions on the right hand column.  We've got numerous how-to articles in our archives section.

Welcome!  Come on in.  Explore New England's great outdoors with us.

Memorable Quotes

"It does not matter whether an individual is a trophy hunter or a meat hunter.  What really matters is the understanding we have of our role in nature."  - OJ Murie, 1954 Ethics in Wildlife Management

"The Creator does not subtract from your allotted time the hours you spend fishing"  - Blasingame, Field & Stream Magazine 1967

"If you wish to be happy for one hour, become intoxicated.  If you wish to be happy for three days, get married.  If you wish to be happy for eight days, kill your pig (and eat it).  If you wish to be happy forever, learn to fish (but you gotta practice catch and release)."
-  ancient chinese proverb


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